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"Jo is a miracle worker with skin. I don't want to have filler or Botox or any intervention of that sort so l asked around and people recommended Collagenwave. I'm so happyI found Jo! She combines it with peels and other wonderful facials and treatments. It's dramatically improving my skin. She really cares about her treatments and results and each session is a joy because she's so lovely! I really can't recommend highly enough!'


Amazing! I have had rosacea for a while now and could not find anything to help me. After the first treatment and using the correct products Jo recommended my skin has started to change for the better. Coming up to 6 weeks and you canhardly see it. No burning or new bumps appearing. I am so happy and grateful to have found Jo. Also a lovely person. Thank you


"Jo has been my go-to skincare and beauty expert for years now. You can rely on Jo to be honest know what will help your skin and what won't. Since following her recommendations my skin has never been better.


"Jo is amazing! So knowledgeable and offers wonderful advice and tips on how to look after your skin. I purchased the amazing DMK enzyme home kit from Jo which has changed my skin! Can’t believe how much my pores have reduced. My biggest concern is my pigmentation and jo is advising me on this and I can wait to finally be able to have a skin pen treatment with her".

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