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How do Consultations work?

The full list of treatments can be overwhelming when visiting the website for the first time. So to help you decide the best treatment Jo offers either a Virtual Consultation or a more in-depth in clinic consultation and skin analysis to get you started.

Full Skin Consultation & OBSERV520x Analysis

This is a comprehensive 30 minute in clinic consultation using the OBSERV 520x skin analysis machine. 

The OBSERV 520x is an advanced skin analysis system which works to effectively inform Jo about your skin. The OBSERV 520x provides an accurate diagnosis of skin conditions at both the epidermal and dermal layer.  

There are 8 different observation modes which are used to completely analyse your skin health at all layers of the skin. This in-depth review of the skin allows both you and Jo to be informed about your skin health and be aware of any irregularities that may be present.


Following this, any necessary treatment can be recommended and discussed to best return the skin to a healthy balance.  

The OBSERV 520X has 8 different observation modes: 

Daylight – this controlled environment presents the skin as it would be seen in a natural daylight environment  
Surface texture – this displays the skin’s textural topography  
Pigmentation – this highlights and brings attention to a variety of skin tone irregularities such as sun damage, pigmentation 
Vascularity – this shows the network of microvascular structures in the skin that cause redness and face flushing 
Parallel Polarised – this provides a magnified view of the of the skin’s surface, any fine lines, wrinkles, different textures and pores 
Cross Polarised – provides an unobstructed view of dermal structures, vascular conditions, any inflammation and any pigmentation by suppressing surface shine  
True UV – this created distinguishable fluorescent patterns in order to expose abnormalities on both the surface layer of the skin and the deeper layers   
Simulated Woods Light – this works to reveal diagnostic dimensions including skin oiliness and dehydration by adjusting the spectrum of light on the skin 


This machine allows Jo to gain a deeper insight and reveal all the signs of skin health and ageing that are invisible to the naked eye. 


Jo will have a full skin health diagnosis and be able to see what is triggering any unwanted appearance and what we can do to help your skins appearance now as a preventative for future arising concerns.

A thorough examination and in depth consult with report will be explained to you in detail. 

Jo will ask you many questions about your lifestyle habits, current skincare and skin and medical history to gain a full understanding of yourself and your skin health. She will record all these details, including notes, information and your full analysis, on your personal account to be able to refer back to if you decide to go ahead with her recommended treatment plan.

OBSERV520x In Clinic Consultation & Dermalux LED Facial| 30min £50

Virtual Consultation

Ready to begin your skin journey but not sure where to start? Or not within travel distance to the clinic?


This free online FaceTime/WhatsApp skin consultation is a chance to talk through any concerns you have and be directed in the right way within the treatment list and advice on which products to use at home.

This free skin consultation gives Jo a chance to explain what she can do for you and discuss the best way to move forwards.

Prior to your virtual appointment Jo will ask for you to complete an online consultation form and send 3 clear pictures of your skin concerns.

Virtual Consultation | 15min Free

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