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DMK skin nutrition facials are a range of relaxing medi facials. Such advanced facials improve the appearance of the skin leaving it refreshed and restored. They use the DMK transepidermal delivery system to provide a number of active ingredients to the treated area of the skin, this encourages positive changes to the skin.

Standard cosmetic facials work only on the surface of the skin. The DMK transepidermal delivery copies the chemical science of the body. This provides long term positive changes to the skin.

The DMK products used in the treatments are a blend of nutrients, similar to those found in youthful healthy skin. As a result, the high ratio of active nutrients ensures that the skin is balanced both inside and out.

DMK skin facials are specially designed and created for clients who are new to advanced skin care The DMK skin nutrition facials offer a simple relaxing way of achieving incredible results for your skin.

Below there are a number of examples where all the treatments are bespoke to the needs of the client.

1. Hydro cell * for plumping up sagging wrinkled or dehydrated skin
2. De sensitising * for reactive skins, redness, heat, itching, eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis
3. De-stress * for alleviating the pressures of modern life, fragile capillaries, Rosacea and reactive skins
4. Regulating * for uneven skin tone and texture, freckles, pigmentation and dull devitalised skin
5. Detoxifying  * for congested skin with blackheads and pimples
6. Purification  * for congested, oily and acne-prone skins
7. Intensive eye  * for fine lines around the eye area

DMK Nutrition Facial

45 Mins


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